Woman applies a literal pound of makeup to see what happens

April 5th, 2021

Makeup isn’t for everybody. Some, however, feel like it enhances their looks, or that it gives them the confidence they don’t otherwise possess. Some just think it’s fun to wear!

Some enjoy wearing just a touch of makeup, while others prefer to think of their face as a canvas on which to do their art. Everybody at some point in their lives will have heard someone being accused of wearing a pound of makeup, just because they’ve been a bit more generous with the brush.

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Well, this American YouTuber got curious about what it feels like to be wearing too much and literally have full coverage, of ‘heavy’ makeup.

She decided to go for gold and is use a literal pound of it.

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Rachel Levin is from Philadelphia and is a beauty guru. She is the YouTuber behind RCLBeauty101.

She says,

“Whenever girls wear makeup, there is always that one person that’s like ‘Hah! She’s wearing a pound of makeup.’”

To know what happens when a pound of makeup is worn, she prepares the following cosmetics needed in the process.

1.8 oz contour, 4.0 oz foundation, 2.3 oz highlighter, 2.2 oz blush, 2.0 oz eyeshadow, 2.1 oz lipstick, and 2.0 oz mascara. This totaled 16.40 oz, which is already a little over 1 pound.

She’d feel guilty if she were to waste a pound of her own makeup. Fortunately, she got free makeup to use to answer her curiosity and waste it without feeling bad.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

With all the liquid stuff that she needs to put on her face, the process is quite messy.

Despite how awful-looking it can get, she’s determined to get it done and be able to experience what it’s like to have a pound of makeup on her face.

Before proceeding, she fixes her hair into a ponytail, and she’s ready to go.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

The first thing she grabs is the foundation that weighs 4.0 oz. It’s not easy to put it on her face due to its consistency.

It’s drippy, and it has to dry for it to stay on her face.

Next, she gets hold of the contour and applies it on. She then puts some highlighter on her cheekbones.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

With so much foundation left, she just couldn’t stop putting more on, layer after layer.

She started putting on eyeshadow. With more foundation and highlighter to be used, she decided to put them all over her face.

She did the same with the scraped blush and eyeshadow to empty their containers.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

To ensure that she could add more layers, the foundation has to dry fast and she did it using a hairdryer. She’s happy she can now blend everything after the foundation dried up.

She proceeded on putting the mascara on her eyelashes, and she has to use all 6 bottles of it.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

After being successful in applying the mascara, she then completes her look with red lipstick. But since there’s too much, it became disgustingly sticky.

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YouTube - Rclbeauty101 Source: YouTube - Rclbeauty101

Well, the result is unglamorous, and she’s not pleased with how it felt because it’s heavy on the face.

Feeling uncomfortable, she didn’t let it sit much longer and removed it right away.

Using a makeup remover, Rachel was amazed at the amount of makeup she needed to remove. The process of removing makeup became challenging too.

Thank you for doing this, Rachel! There’s no way that women would want to use more makeup than what’s necessary. Aside from the fact that it won’t make any woman look good, it doesn’t make one feel comfortable either.

Watch this video with more than 6.8 million views on YouTube to see what a pound of makeup looks like!

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