Shy student performs Ed Sheeran cover at talent show and stuns the crowd into silence

November 6th, 2020

Nowadays when we think about love songs, most of us would think about Ed Sheeran – especially the younger generations. Ed Sheeran is a multi-talented and award-winning English artist that became widely popular because of his love songs that could easily melt a heart made of stone.

Despite worldwide recognition and a huge fanbase all over the globe, he remained humble and down-to-earth wherein some people also say that he’s the nicest guy ever. Truly he is an exceptionally gifted young man.

If you’ve ever searched for Ed Sheeran’s songs on Youtube, you’d probably see tons of covers from fans all over the world. While some do it for the views, one high school student decided to sing one of Sheeran’s hits on the school’s talent show.

Enter Peyton Littleton from Central Davidson Highschool. In 2018, a video of him singing “Perfect” was uploaded on Youtube wherein it instantly became a hit amongst viewers.

During the first parts of the video, we can see Peyton preparing his set in the school’s gymnasium. If it’s your first time seeing the video now, you’d probably wonder how it garnered over 5 million views given that the young man has a laidback nature and lowkey presence.

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We can hear indistinct chatter from all over the room, but as soon as Peyton strummed the first keys on his guitar, everyone fell silent.

It was probably because most of his peers knew what he was up to, considering that “Perfect” was very popular during that time.

The song was part of Sheeran’s third album “÷” in which it instantly became a hit. The song and music video alone was recognized by several musical award-giving bodies. It also broke the Billboard 100’s records by staying on the chart for a year.

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Most people would probably be very careful with covering this huge hit, but not for Peyton. The teenager had calmness written all over his performance as he effortlessly sang this love song in front of a huge crowd.

Peyton’s distinct, soothing voice almost sounds like the original, but it was also refreshing to see that he somewhat made the song his own. Everyone paid attention and even supported him, as some students were even swaying their glow sticks to the heartwarming melody.

Sheeran originally wrote the song to his highschool sweetheart Cherry Seaborn who later became his wife. It’s as if he was just confessing his love to her as seen in the lyrics.

“Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
Darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you’re holding mine”

The performance put Peyton up in the first place.

The young man’s sweet performance not only touched the hearts of his classmates but also touched the hearts of millions as his video performance became a huge hit online.

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The video now has over 5 million likes and over 100,000 views. If this made you curious, go ahead and watch the video below to see what the fuss is all about.

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Source: Sweet & Savory, Jeff Littleton