'Ramen baths' are the newest beauty trend and we're not sure how to feel about it

April 25th, 2021

Ever had one of those cold nights when you crave something comforting and hot like a bowl of soup perhaps? And when it comes to warm, gentle soup first thing that comes to mind is… ramen.

Ramen is a traditional Japanese noodle dish made with wheat noodles served in a chicken or meat-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso and topped with sliced pork, nori, egg, and scallions. It has been served in Japan since the 1900s but recently it has taken the world by storm.

Ramen joints have sprung up in cities around the world as more people are introduced to this heartwarming and filling dish. People are loving it so much that they eat ramen every chance they get.

Some people show their love to ramen however by literally bathing in it. Yes, you heard that right – there is a ramen bath craze and everyone has mixed feelings about it.

This beauty craze started in Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan where they offer a spa bathing experience in a delicious noodle dish.

Apparently, bone broth promises a collagen boost and improved metabolism. The spa has introduced this way back in 2007 but it’s only now that people are going bananas about it.

“Lately people are very concerned about having beautiful skin, and they know the effect of collagen, which is contained in our pork-based broth. At this bath, everybody can have fun and take advantage of the healthy elements of ramen noodles,” said Ichiro Furuya, the owner of the world-famous Yunessan Spa House.

Ramen is definitely having its moment right now. This dish has been widely praised in the culinary world because of its flexibility and original taste. The broth is perhaps the most important part of it, as Ichiro believes that it can do wonders to your skin.

While it’s traditionally consumed in a bowl, people all over are recognizing the benefits of bathing in one. Bone broth soak has been added to the natural way of looking young, alongside milk baths, wine soaks, bathing with olive oil, scrubbing with coffee grinds, etc.

However, some people are bathing with noodles in their bathtubs. Ideally, it should just be pure bone broth without the toppings, seasonings, or any spices but I guess they decided to take it up a notch.

Author Susanna Forrest supported the idea of broth baths after coming across a bizarre 19th-century German passage. She initially thought that children in the 1900s bathe in horse broth. After consulting with her professor, she has confirmed her theory.

“Broth bathing appears to share a tandem history with ‘hydrotherapy,’ the therapeutic immersion of the body in warm mineral water,” Susanna said in a piece for Atlas Obscura.

She continued:

“Physicians believed that skin was permeable, so if mercury could seep out, then surely the hearty properties of spring water or bouillon could seep in.”

But is it really good for your skin?

Ichiro claims that his broth contains collagen, which has been scientifically proved that can do wonders on your skin. It helps with skin elasticity which is one of the secrets to youthful, healthy skin.

Seems like ramen isn’t just for consumption anymore. Why not try having a ramen bath at home and see how it feels? The noodles may be a bit overkill, but maybe it can be a substitute for a loofah.

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Source: Yunnesan Spa