Matchmaker reveals 7 best places to meet men in your 50s and beyond

May 6th, 2021

As the world of online dating continues to grow as an ever-present source of connecting people, sometimes it’s best to log off and feel the connection of meeting your next love in person.

If your in your 50s you’ve likely met your partners this way in the past and know that it can be the best way to get an idea of a person. You can take what you’ve learned and from past relationships and know right away if this is a person you’d like to see again.

The only question is, where to meet these men when you’re in your 50s?

Ideas that actually work

Meet Carey Ganes, matchmaker and dating coach who can help to answer that question. On her website, she writes,

“I help people navigate the dating world, discover more about themselves and better understand the opposite sex. I teach them how to best deal with the current external dating challenges and most importantly find their own inner confidence.”

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Openness + the right location = a match

She has just the right suggestions to help spice up your social life and love life. In fact, the approach in switching things up with your routine is fairly easy. All you need is openness. The wonderful thing about Carey’s tips are that they require you to actually put yourself out there and meet people the old-fashioned way – perfect excuse for a breather and a change of pace. (What a nice break from staying indoors and being on your gadgets for hours!)

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The dating coach compiled a list of places where you can meet men when you’re over 50, coupled with this simple fact,

“Dating is an act of skill and it’s also a numbers game so the more you’re out there, the more likely you are to meet somebody you connect with.”

You’ve probably been to all these places so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Here are 7 spots where you can meet eligible bachelors.

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The Grocery Store

Carey is right. It is easier to connect with people at the grocery store. Notice how natural it is for strangers to make friendly small talk with each other? You don’t even have to rack your brain for a good topic! Some snippets of conversation involve a discussion on rising prices, sale items, produce… name it, anything goes!

You can even strike up a conversation with the people in line with you. Young or old, it’s much more comfortable at the grocery store because there’s just zero pressure and a lot of possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Make that next trip count!

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The Dog Park

What could be better than meeting people who are fellow dog lovers? Folks who hang around the dog park are more likely to promise friendship and strong connections. This is where you could meet a potential date. Of course, you’ll have to also make the first move by starting a conversation.

It shouldn’t be challenging because you’re already surrounded by something both of you love – dogs. (And since we’re on the subject of our furry, playful pals, please remember that it’s always better to adopt!)

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A Coffee Shop

It isn’t at all off putting to make small talk in a coffee shop. While most people head to their go-to coffee shops to enjoy a quiet and more relaxed place, they also know it’s the right environment for friends and dates.

The best part is, coffee shops are everywhere! Consider the opportunities of staying longer in a coffee shop the next time you’re tempted to just work from home or grab something to go. Take your time, enjoy the ambiance, and find out who’s equally interested and makes eye contact.

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Taking a Class or Attending a Lecture

We love this suggestion because it leans towards knowledge and self-improvement, whether you actually meet someone great or not. Taking a class or attending a lecture does so much for one’s mind and well-being.

These are avenues for learning, reminders of just how essential it is to take care of yourself and feed your mind. The people you’ll meet in these places will most likely be as invested in their well-being, too. Hello, growth!

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Meet-up Groups

Carey emphasizes how there’s a meet-up group in every city. And we’re not just talking about the cut-and-dried “meet like-minded singles your age” type of groups.

In Carey’s words,

“Whatever your interests are, there is a group for it. Whatever is interesting for you, go do that and meet people.”

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The Bar/Club

Too loud or out there for you? Think again. Carey stresses the importance of perspective and how it all depends on what you make it out to be. The dating coach says you make the experience with where you meet your expectations.

So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Bring a friend, if you must! The important thing is you’ll have fun and you’re actually putting yourself out there.

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Really, really simple. You can meet men anywhere. Of course, it’s important to consider the factors mentioned by the dating coach:

“Your head is in the right space, you’re open to it, friendly, and you’ve got a smile on your face.”

Meeting a man could be as easy as smiling and saying hello.

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To sum it all up, it’s important that you always give off positive energy. Your openness to change will present many wonderful opportunities to add color to your dating life. Carey Ganes says there really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Learn from her expertise by watching the video below!

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