Man constructs entire mini Wild West-themed coop town for his wife’s chickens

May 5th, 2021

Here’s a cool chicken coop concept that we all would envy.

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Many people try to get creative with their chicken coop designs.

It’s one of the best ways to show love and care for your pets. And if you’re blessed to live in an area where you can have free-range chickens run around a vast yard, you’d love to build them a lovely home.

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Belle, Missouri is one of those places where the Ballards luckily live.

Mitzi Ballard considers herself a “chicken mama.”

A peaceful protest that I'm late with their treats

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSunday, August 9, 2020

She has lots of chickens in her yard. She often buys them in pairs per breed. She also sells the eggs they hatch.

This is how Mitzi’s chicken coop initially looked.

Chicken coop complete!!! I want to thank Tracy Ballard, Amanda Hongisto, Donald Hale for all their hard work,,I love it

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSunday, April 9, 2017

It’s good enough, but since her chicken family is growing she asked her husband Tracy if he could build something for her. The man built his wife the chicken coop of her dreams. Or, should we say ‘coops’?

He fashioned a series of coops after the iconic looks of the old Wild West, and it’s like the chickens have an entire town to themselves. Every structure was created to reflect a real-life cowboy haven.

Of course, that means there is a saloon, first and foremost.

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Facebooke|Mitzi Ballard Source: Facebooke|Mitzi Ballard

There’s also a jail for the crazy chickens who spend a little too much time in the saloon.

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Facebook|Mitzi Ballard Source: Facebook|Mitzi Ballard

There’s a blacksmith.

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Facebook|Mitzi Ballard Source: Facebook|Mitzi Ballard

And there’s even a hotel, cafe, mercantile and so much more!

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Facebook|Mitzi Ballard Source: Facebook|Mitzi Ballard

Mitzi is so thankful and blessed to have such a handyman like Tracy.

Tracy also gained praises from family and friends, and even random strangers who appreciate the effort and creativity he has put into making this coop town.

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Facebook|Mitzi Ballard Source: Facebook|Mitzi Ballard

Their daughter added a touch of her talent to the coop, too!

My talented daughter Amanda Hongisto made me two new signs for my chicken coop..Love them!

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onThursday, May 11, 2017

She created signs with the chicken’s names. Can’t we all appreciate that witty sign for their, erm… special nuggets?

Aside from this chicken coop, he made many more projects for their yard.

New deck and outdoor bbq kitchen finally done..ready for big bbq next weekend…THANKS to the awesome job Dave Fuller…

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSunday, October 8, 2017

He also made this pretty fire pit where they love to spend the night chilling after a long day.

Sitting on deck wrapped in warm blanket around firepit with drinks and apple pie moonshine with my puppies cuddled up with me enjoying the night with my honey

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSaturday, November 24, 2018

Their tandem deserves the hashtag #RelationshipGoals

From time to time, Mitzi gives Tracy some hints on how to improve the coop.

O chicken mom I think we need a bigger dust

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSaturday, January 5, 2019

Not only does he give in to Mitzi’s coop requests, but it also turns out this handy husband did more projects in their yard for them to enjoy.

Mitzi also shares backyard ideas and tags Tracy, as if begging for him to make her one. Like this:

Tracy Ballard my dream garden for next year

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onFriday, May 10, 2019

We hope Tracy makes this one and we’re excited to see the results! As for the chickens? They’re happy to have this wild-west-themed coop to themselves.

Check out Mitzi Ballard’s full post to view other photos of the “Rooster Ridge” below!

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Old western town coop "ROOSTERS RIDGE" finally it

Posted by Mitzi Ballard onSunday, July 23, 2017

Source: Diply, Totally the Bomb, Mitzi Ballard’s Facebook Profile