Artist repaints dolls to give them a perfectly 'flawed' and realistic look

November 22nd, 2020

Dolls are a huge part of children’s lives. And while they are generally harmless, there is still a tendency for kids to view dolls as perfect and may unintentionally set them as their ideal reflection of what beauty is all about.

Ukrainian artist Olga Kamenetskaya wants to break this norm by transforming unrealistic-looking dolls into something more life-like. She believes that dolls should portray the true face of a person and not some cartoon-like version of them, so little children could also appreciate what it really means to be beautiful.

Her dolls are mostly transformed Monster High or Ever After High dolls. She wipes the make-up and colorful faces of the dolls and creates hyper-realistic versions of them. The dolls altered by Kamenetskaya don’t have huge, overly made-up eyes or extremely plumped lips. She makes sure their features are just like a real person’s facial parts. We have featured some of her notable works for you to behold as you read on.

1. A realistic Hippolyta doll

This Hippolyta doll has been transformed not to look fancier, but to look fiercer because it is very close to what the real Connie Nielsen looks like. The artist absolutely nailed the look in her eyes, reflecting the wisdom and courage of the DC character. Her braids are spot on, too!

2. Black beauty

The doll’s previous color did not do enough justice to the authentic beauty of a dark complexion. Olga’s amazing version captured the real awesomeness of a black woman’s skin color, plus her face looks even more enchanting in the repainted doll. She is one fierce woman of color!

3. Life-like princess

Little girls see dolls with crowns and they instantly think of them as princesses. While we always view royalties as classy and regal, a regular girl can also be a princess if she feels like one. Olga’s version is much more simple, but she also glows like true royalty!

4. Edgier

Being edgy doesn’t always have to be based on how much make-up you put or whether you like dark-colored clothes. By making this doll look softer with no make-up and with only pink hues and no hint of black in her get-up, Olga made it possible for people to see that you don’t have to have a dark aura and garb just to look edgy. Her doll looks totally fierce while rocking a cotton candy pink hairstyle!

5. This transformation is incredible!

Can you believe how much Olga changed the original design of this doll? Her incredible insight just blew me away! The way her doll’s lips and eyes were painted are simply unbelievable, not to mention the hair! Oh, yes, the hair. Did I mention Olga sews clothes for her dolls, too?

6. As real as it gets

Now, this is how a doll of a man should look like. Its plastic hair in the original design is just so fake. With the one Olga repainted, we can see the realism in the doll’s hair and eyes. The eyebrows are just so life-like.

7. Now, that’s a Viking!

Did you say this is a Viking doll? Well, the one on the right is, that’s for sure! Olga made the doll look so much like a real person with a Viking’s signature long hair and bushy beard.

8. Monster High doll turned human-like

Here’s another amazing transformation that will knock your socks off. From a blue-haired, heavily made-up doll, Olga created an insanely realistic doll with freckles and incredible hazel-colored eyes. She even added a bonus with that intricate butterfly on the doll’s chest area.

9. Just “Wow!”

Yes, you are looking at a doll and not a real person. The Ukrainian artist just went over and beyond my expectations after seeing this marvelous piece of art. At a glance, you probably won’t think you’re gazing at a doll, if not for the before photo beside it!

10. Simply unbelievable!

If you are looking for a realistic work of art, then this one will surely convince you that Olga Kamenetskaya is the artist you are looking for. She changed this Monster High doll into a life-like one and I am in awe of how she gets perfect work done on such a tiny face!

11. This gave me chills.

Yup, this totally caught me off guard. The old look of this doll did not even look scary at all. Olga’s version made me do a double-take, though. That’s some seriously chilling version of the original doll! Yes, it looks stunning, but there is also a hint of wickedness behind its pale skin and smokey eyes.

12. Insanely realistic version

Doesn’t this doll remind you of Anne of Green gables? As Olga has described it, it’s like Anne before and after getting adopted. What a fitting way to depict her work!

13. Erica

Meet Erica. Isn’t this doll too amazing? Olga made sure that none of the heavy paint was left and transformed the doll into a rosy-cheeked, freckled masterpiece. Wow!

14. A masterpiece

Here’s another major transformation that left me seriously mind-blown. Her vision is always more than people expect from her, myself included. I thought she would at least keep the hair color or the length, but she totally changed the doll into something completely different. And it’s beautiful!

15. An amazing gift

Olga is definitely a gifted artist. She did not only improve the way this doll looked, it’s as if she also blew life into it. Those eyes are just so realistic. and the lips are very far from fake. Her work is absolutely stunning.

16. This is simply awesome.

And finally, this transformation of a beach blonde doll into a Kevin Spacey look-alike is nothing but jaw-dropping. The lines on the repainted doll’s face are so on-point and intricate. Everything just seems so real!

In an interview with Vogue, the talented Ukrainian artist shared:

“I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and perfectly symmetrical, it makes it lifeless. I always deliberately leave some flaw that may not be noticeable to everyone, but [gives] the doll invisible charisma. Perhaps, this flawed beauty is the message that my dolls carry.”

Olga also knew that some people find her hyper-realistic dolls somewhat scary. She is not fazed at all by this reaction.

Are you curious to see more of Olga’s work? Visit her Instagram page and discover this amazing woman’s reimagined dolls.

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Source: My Positive Outlooks, oli.krolik