The Top 15 Reasons Why “Date An Older Man” Is The Best Advice For Every Woman

April 16th, 2021

If you’re back on the dating scene, update your age preferences. Older men are respected for many reasons, and if you happen to meet one who is single, absolutely go for it. Older men can be great lovers and partners for a variety of reasons, read below to find out why!

1. He can support you emotionally

Older men has lived through a lot, which means that when you go through tough times, he can be there for you. He can offer the best advice, and knows exactly how to pick you up when you’re down.

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2. He’s attentive to your needs

This man has probably lived a lot, and dated a lot of women in the past. That means that he knows exactly how to you listen to you and meet your expectations. His life experience makes him an adaptable partner.

3. He can be more emotionally vulnerable

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Older guys are over excessive displays of masculinity. By now, he’s much more comfortable with himself and his feelings, which means he can share himself with you at a much deeper emotional level.

4. Jealousy is a thing of the past

With advanced aged comes an advanced dating history. Because he has dated around a lot, and may even have an ex-wife or two, he has more respect for your own past too. An old guy won’t badmouth your ex-husband or ask prying questions, he’s more than happy to just focus on you.

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5. Meeting your parents? No problem

An older man is has had his fun and he’s ready to commit. He won’t balk at the typical high-stress relationship moments, like meeting important people in your life or discussing a future together. He’s committed to you, not the bachelor life.

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6. You’ll enjoy teaching him a thing or two.

Because you’re younger, you’re probably much more in tune with pop culture and other current events. Showing your man all about your hobbies, especially when he’s totally new to them, will keep things fun and exciting!

7. He’s experienced.

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And I mean, experienced. A longer dating history means that he knows exactly what women want, which is great for you! When things get intimate, you can relax knowing he will do anything possible to make you happy.

8. Dad. Bod. Silver. Fox.

Who doesn’t think George Clooney is sexy? Older men have a distinguished look to them, and the tides of beauty standards have lately turned to favor their gray hair and huskier bodies. We say, “thank you!”

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9. He knows exactly what he wants

Gentlemen of a certain age eventually want to quit playing around and chase after exactly what they want. If you have you eye on an older guy, he is probably established in his career, and by now just wants to focus on having a good time with a lovely lady.

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10. Some life experience under his belt means he has great stories

And you will never be bored from conversation with him. He has so many things to tell you about his life and I bet it’s all fascinating.

11. He can teach you about life

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A man with a couple of years on you has likely learned some tough lessons too. Let him talk about his life and what he’s learned, so you can learn more about him and also learn more about life.

12. He won’t cling to you

He is probably an independent guy. By now he probably has an established career, children he wants to spend time with, and hobbies. He will understand when you need some space and respect your boundaries.

13. Your differences will keep things interesting

Having an age gap means that you will bring two different perspectives to your relationship! That means you won’t ever get bored discussing your differences or having a lively debate about whose childhood T.V. shows were better.

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14. He will appreciate you for who you are

Older men are true gentlemen. They don’t get caught up with superficial ideas of what a woman or partner is. He just wants you as you are, not trying to be anyone else.

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15. You might learn a lot about yourself

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Every relationship is a growth opportunity for you, and dating someone so different is even more so. You’ll want to head into this relationship with an open mind and see what you discover!

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