The ’80s are back in full swing this Fall with this fun hair trend
And it's even bigger than before! 😍
Dani Halteman

As generations pass we’ve seen how fashion, technology, and other trends have a way of recycling and becoming popular once more. Each time being used in a different way for the times, but establishing the same feel as it did the first time it came around.

A trend from the ’80s that has recently made its big return is a simple hair accessory called the “banana clip”.

Southern Living via Pinterest
Southern Living via Pinterest

We are seeing ’80s fashion trends make a big return and adapting to the unique styles of the new ’20s.

But it’s not just the banana clips that have been recycled into new and updated fashion trends, but we’ve collectively brought back scrunchies, fanny packs, acid wash denim, pearl jewelry, sequin clothing, even fashion ranging from punk to hippie.

Southern Living via Pinterest
Southern Living via Pinterest

Banana clips are quick and simple all while giving you a chic and effortless look.

Banana clips, named after their banana-like shape, give your hair a lifted but volumized looking ponytail without the tight hair tie. When they first debuted in the ’80s this was the perfect accessory for the permed hair, sweeping the curls back while keeping the volume.

The banana clip also works with every hair type.

Many women aim for the “va-va-voom” hairstyle and the banana clip is a great accessory because it has the ability to work with every hair type. Whether you have thick, curly, straight, or crimped hair the banana clip can give you a chic and volumizing look all in one fatal sweep.

Searches for these banana clips have only been on the rise as the months go by.

According to Breakfast Television Toronto, searches for the banana clip have only increased. Even Pinterest reported a 105% increase in the phrase “how to style hair clips”.

In the digital age, it is so easy to find anything and all the different ways it can be styled.

Back then it was hard to find all the different ways these banana clips could be styled for all types of hair, but now we have access to various social media outlets which allows us to easily see how it can be used in all types of ways with tutorials and all!

As trends do, something old has once again become something new.

Luckily for our generation, we got to see how the ’80s did things and now we know the do’s and don’ts of those fashion trends, or at least so we think… either way, now we get to put on our own spin on it as we recycle it back into daily use.

We enjoy turning something old into something new.

These banana clips have the ability to go from day to night – from being at home to going out on the town.

You can find these trendy and efficient banana clips at your local drugstore or online. Use these clips whether you are at home doing the laundry or enjoying a night out on the town. These are an easy accessory that has the flexibility from going casual to chic within a matter of an outfit change.

To see how to properly use and style a banana clip watch the tutorial video below!

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By Dani Halteman
Dani Halteman is a contributor at SBLY Media.