15 photos from magical salt mine with underground lakes, chapels, and chandeliers made of salt

April 15th, 2021

All of us have destinations in mind that we wish to visit someday. But since we’re in a pandemic, it’s quite difficult for all of us to check off even one from our list of dream destinations.

Nevertheless, thanks to social media for existing as we can see lots of photos and videos of the places that we’ve been wanting to go to.

Have you heard about the Wieliczka salt mine?

I bet this place would be added to your dream destinations. It is a famous tourist spot in Poland and everything about it is beautiful.

In this underground beaut, you’ll see lakes, chapels, and even chandeliers. And all of them are made out of salt. Yup. It’s beyond amazing.

On Instagram, we’ve seen lots of photos that were taken in this place and all of them are lovely. Here are some of them:

1. This is remarkable.

This one is not just beautiful. There’s also an ardent story behind it. According to @wieliczkasaltmine on Instagram, these figures are “pertinent”. They are “experienced miners whose task was to burn off methane before it reached an explosive concentration”.

2. Aesthetics

This one isn’t just Instagrammable, it really deserves to be seen all over the world. Its beauty is overflowing. Those who have seen this in person are truly lucky.

3. This is more than lovely.

I really don’t know what to say when I’ve seen this photo. Its beauty made me speechless. I’m willing to travel thousand miles just to see this.

4. Perfect place

This is The Józef Piłsudski Grotto and it’s one of those places that would certainly leave a mark in your mind even if you’d just see it in photos. Look at that amazing view!

5. Everything about this one is exquisite.

I can’t find anything that’s not beautiful in this place. The interior, the chandelier, and everything around it are just magical. Is this even real?

6. What?

This gargoyle looks unbreakable even though it has been carved out of salt. Every detail of it is flawless. It also looks too realistic that it’s a bit creepy.

7. Divine

I can feel how solemn this place is even in photos. I didn’t know that an underground chapel can be this beautiful. To be able to go here would be a dream come true.

8. Rustic

This one is just plain and rustic but it still looks elegant. This photo even received numerous comments from Instagram users. They’re probably hooked by its beauty.

9. Attraction

Aside from chapels, chandeliers, and salt figures, the lakes that you’ll find at the Wieliczka Salt Mine are truly breathtaking. Just like this one with a walkway over it. I can imagine walking here and savoring its beauty.

10. What Michałowice Chamber has to offer

This Instagram account is reminding everyone to look up when you go to Michałowice Chamber. It’s because if you won’t, you would miss seeing the largest salt crystal chandelier. What a dreamy place!

11. Ever seen a beautiful ladder?

If you haven’t yet, this should be it. If you wish to see this right before your eyes, you should visit this site for more details about booking tickets at Wieliczka Salt Mine.

12. This is not your ordinary fountain.

Aside from it can be found underground, it’s also relaxing to the eyes. If it’s so beautiful in photos, what more in person? Don’t you agree?

13. Wieliczka underground

This one is truly stunning and a traveler shared her experience when she went here.

“Walking through the remains of an underground railroad track in the Wieliczka Salt Mine that once saw loads of salt transported,” she wrote on her post.

14. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this?

This is one of the reasons why you should visit the Wieliczka salt mine. This salt formation is just so beautiful. Not to mention that it’s also historical.

15. The beauty of salt crystals

This is a close photo of salt crystals from the Wieliczka salt mine and they look like glass. So it’s amazing to think that they are made entirely out of salt.

If you want a virtual tour at Wieliczka salt mine, you can watch the video below!

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