15 cringe-worthy pictures of people doing things they'll regret for eternity

April 13th, 2021

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought that you were doing something you think is great, but turns out that it’s not? Growing up, we were more curious and adventurous so we had a higher chance of screwing up.

But for some grown-ups, it’s still pretty much the case.

If you ever think that your blunder is cringeworthy, wait until you see these poor souls who absolutely regretted what they have done.

1. This guy who went a little too hard on the playground:

This actually made the news from Whatcouldgowrong

We’re quite unsure if he did this on his own or someone dared him to do it. Seems that he really looks stuck though because if you look carefully he can either slide down or have people pull him up. Also, what is he even doing in a playground?

2. This person who put their frozen pizza in the oven on a cutting board:

Plastic board from Whatcouldgowrong

Pretty hard to recover from this one. This Reddit user can only hope for the plastic to solidify and not fuse in with the metal. But if in case that it does, cleaning the rack is such a pain.

3. This truck driver who tried to drive under a low bridge:

They couldn’t do it. from IdiotsInCars

Nope, the driver couldn’t do this one. He must have miscalculated and thought that he can swiftly drive through under that LOW bridge. Some of the comments also mentioned that their local train route had to be stopped because of this incident.

4. This husband who insisted he didn’t need any help putting on sunscreen:

Stubborn husband said he didn’t need my help putting sunscreen on his back. from Whatcouldgowrong

Have you ever seen a picture and instantly know that it’s painful? This sunburnt back hurts on so many levels. Pretty sure that this guy would now always ask for his wife to help him cover his back with sunscreen.

5. This person who enjoyed letting their bird perch on their monitor…until they looked behind it:

WCGW having a bird advisor from Whatcouldgowrong

Do you think birds are cute? Well, they are but wait until you see this photo of a bird innocently perching on top of a monitor. Little did his owner know, their computer is now the bird’s favorite toilet spot.

6. This person who installed solar panels on their home despite living right next to a golf course:

Installing solar panels on your roof right next to a golf course. from Whatcouldgowrong

Installing solar panels at home is hugely beneficial to the environment, but you might want to be careful where to install them when you’re next to a golf course. Golf is equal to flying balls, which could mean danger to your solar panels. This person ignored that and now almost all of his panels are broken.

7. Plus this person who forgot to put the dog in the kennel before leaving:

My wife reminded me several times to put the dog in his kennel and I did not. He promised he would be a good boy and he was not. from Whatcouldgowrong

Oh, the classic tale of a wife reminding her husband several times to do something important, and yet he forgets about it. I’m not a fan of putting animals inside cages but maybe there are instances when they have to, just like this one. This guy definitely learned his lesson the hard way.

8. This person who used a Walmart bag when bleaching their hair:

Using a Walmart bag when bleaching your hair from Whatcouldgowrong

Some damages can be fixed, but this entry may be very difficult to fix or it can just very well be irreversible. Hair experts recommend having a professional bleach your hair since it can be very toxic and damaging to the hair. However, this woman was very close to doing a great job until she puts on the Walmart plastic bag.

9. This cook who tried to drain the deep fryer into a plastic bucket:

WCGW if I drain a deep fryer into a plastic bucket? from Whatcouldgowrong

There is a reason why science was taught to us in school since basic knowledge is enough to get you by when you become an adult. This cook might be excellent when it comes to cooking but clearly, he missed out on what happens when you pour hot oil in a plastic bucket. Cleaning something this greasy is a total nightmare.

10. And this guy who tried to take a selfie with a snake he found on the road:

WCGW if I take a picture with this gopher snake I found in the road? from Whatcouldgowrong

Sometimes, people do reckless things just for the gram. Snakes are notoriously known for being dangerous, and yet this guy just decided to grab one and take a photo with it. Hoping that the snake wasn’t poisonous though but this one looks awfully painful!

11. This person who forgot their bike was on their car’s roof rack:

Forgetting about your $5,000 bike on your roof rack as you pull into the garage from facepalm

If the driver was driving slowly, this probably wouldn’t happen. Seems that was in a rush to go home and just rammed the car all the way inside forgetting his really expensive bike. Guess he won’t be driving or biking anytime soon.

12. This person who tried to drive their car down a bike path:

Nissan Rogue driver gets stuck making a turn on a Denver Bike Path foot bridge from Whatcouldgowrong

There is a reason why it’s called bike path because it’s only meant for people riding bikes. Maybe the driver could have pulled it off since he has driven all the way in, however that sharp curve instantly ended their fun. If the driver had a smaller can then he could’ve easily gone through.

13. This griller who threw away hot charcoal in their trash can:

WCGW if my fucking dumbass neighbor put hot charcoal from his grill into a trashcan from Whatcouldgowrong

We have always been taught to not play with fire since it can be extremely dangerous. This griller may have thought that the ashes had nothing to ignite it with but clearly this wasn’t the case. Melted plastic is also very toxic when inhaled, so this person needs to be extra cautious next time he fires up that grill.

14. And this dog owner who left their not-yet-potty-trained puppy alone with a Roomba:

My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my home. from Wellthatsucks

Dogs need to be potty trained especially if there’s always inside the house. This dog owner may have gotten overly excited with his brand new Roomba and forgot that their puppy is still not trained. The result? Just look at the picture.

15. This driver who forgot to secure their boat:

WCGR if I dont strap down the boat from Whatcouldgowrong

Well, this photo pretty much explains what happened. It seems unlikely that the owner did not use straps to secure the boat, but maybe it wasn’t tightly strapped. When driving with a heavy loaded like this, you might want to check it every now and then.

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Source: Reddit/r/Whatcouldgowrong