Tennis player stops during U.S. Open to save scared child

September 9th, 2019

When most go to a tennis match, they do so to see the athletes perform. They do not expect to see this

Rafael Nadal Reaches Out To Help Little One

No doubt when Nadal stepped out on the tennis court this day his mind was totally on the game.

A Change of Plans

As Rafa was entering the court and greeting the crowds, a cry from a little one caught his attention.

A Little Guy and A Big Crowd

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Among the large gathering of kids in the front row was a little fellow that was being overwhelmed by the crowd that was surrounding him.

Rafael Reaches Out

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Without hesitation, Rafael lifts the little guy over the barrier to give him some space.

The boy was so distraught that he was sobbing, as Rafael stroked his cheek to soothe him.

Turning a Negative Into A Positive

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It was plain to see that the little fellow adored Rafael.

The boy was wearing a cap which Rafael took from him to autograph it. It seemed like this was enough to stop the flow of tears.

Other Kids Not Ignored

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Rafael acknowledges other children

Once the little guy was taken by staff to find his parents Rafael wanted to make sure the rest of the kids didn’t feel left out, so he went on to sign a few autographs for them.

A Touching Moment

The commentators were so touched by Rafael’s caring nature towards the boy that it almost made one of them cry.

A Similar Performance

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Rafael was focusing on the doubles exhibition match that he was participating in with John McEnroe in Mallorca when something caught his attention

A Mother’s Frantic Search

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Rafa’s attention was pulled away from a serve he was just about to make.

A frantic looking mother was up in the stands talking to security.

A Moment of Fear

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Mom was frantically calling out the youngster’s name.

Rafael could have continued with the game, but he didn’t.

A Happy Ending

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The little girl was spotted in the crowd.

The tearful little one was being reunited with her mom.

A Grateful Moment

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As mom is reunited with daughter, there was a moment of gratefulness.

In this moment of terror, the Mom did not fail to show her gratefulness as she waved towards the court.

A Moment Of Happiness

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It wasn’t a win of a tennis match that brought a smile to Rafael’s face.

A big smile equals the big heart of this athlete.

Another Rafael Moment In A Child’s Life

Rafael has had more than one or two interactions with little ones at his tennis matches.

Back a few years ago, a crowd of spectators were watching Rafael practice. Among them was a little girl

More Than She Bargained For

By error, Rafael hit her with a ball.

He acknowledged his mistake by holding his racquet up, which is the normal procedure that takes place when a mistake is made on the court.

Going A Step Further

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When Rafael realized the little one was crying, he immediately went to her to apologize.

The flow of tears stopped as she posed with Rafael for a picture.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Several times over, Rafael has displayed with his actions as to just what a professional athlete is really all about.

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